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    Cole Bennett Net Worth

    When we talk about Cole Bennett, then there are fewer people in this world who are not aware of this person as Cole Bennett is an American videographer as well as a business executive and music video editor.

    Amazingly, this personality is a famous YouTuber with 13.5 million YouTube subscribers, which is a bold figure for any YouTuber. One of the other amazing thing regarding this YouTuber is that his videos has 5.19 billion views, means a lot in the popularity of any person.

    From the above mentioned figures, one thing must be clear in your mind that Cole Bennett must have an amazing personality with some awful attracting skills that attract millions of people towards him. Here we bring some of the amazing facts regarding Cole Bennett like Cole Bennett net worth Forbes, early life as well as height, and many more which are as follows:

    Early Life & Biography

    When we talk about the early life of Cole Bennett, then he was born on 14th May 1996 in the city called Illinois. He spent his childhood days with two of his sisters and started studying about digital cinema. From his early days, he put all of his efforts towards lyrical lemonade. One of the other amazing fact regarding cole Bennett is that he worked with several artists such as Lil Pump as well as SmokePurpp and Quavo.

    Personal Life

    Because of his artistical nature, Cole Bennett joins YouTube and earns a lot of money through his YouTube channel and also through live shows. He has a height of 1.85m and is best known because of his multimedia company lyrical lemonade, and you would be shocked to know that he created this company when he was just a high school student. Cole Bennett is 24 years of age and did not marry yet. Once in an interview, he said that he is inspired by Austin Vesely, who works as a director with the chance rapper.

    Cole Bennett Net Worth

    When we talk about the net worth of Cole Bennett, then be ready for some shocking figures as Cole Bennett’s net worth 2020 reaches about two million dollars, which is a good figure for a YouTuber and for that person who started his carrier as a student.

    Career, Awards & Nominations

    For starting a career as a YouTuber, his mother helped him a lot and gave him his first video camera. He started a YouTube channel in 2013, which got an amazing response from the viewers, and he get millions of subscribers on his YouTube channel in a short period of time. He did not get any award at this time, but soon you can see your star winning awards for his excellent videos.

    Zodiac Sign

    Everybody wants to know the zodiac sign of their favorite stars and YouTubers, that’s why we bring the zodiac sign of Cole Bennett, which is Taurus.


    Cole Bennett also has a girlfriend who is a photographer by occupation and named as Lana Marie.

    Cole Bennett gets a lot of popularity in the past few years, and that’s the reason that figures of the Cole Bennett net worth 2020 also reach millions of dollars.